Charity and Good Works

Mt. Verstovia Lodge No 18 charity works consist of giving to at least five local charities every year, plus a bike give away program with KGH Elementary School. The Lodge gives to the Masonic Services that provides necessary services caused by natures disasters, throughout the World. The Lodge gives to the location Senior Citizens Center, for their longevity and health of the seniors. The Lodge gives to the Salvation Army and supports the community in other ways. The Lodge supports the youth of Sitka, through donations to the Sitka High School Band Music Festival.

The Scottish Rite Charity in Alaska is Rite Care, which provides services to students with speech and hearing impediments.

The Sitka Shrine Club supports and Al Aska Temple in raising money for the transportation fund which flies potential patients for free to either Spokane, WA or Portland, OR to provide services to children 1-18 years old. The Shriners have specials hospitals for burns, spinal injuries, cleft lip palate and facial reconstruction.